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5- star Resort Experience; Sandals Royal Caribbean

Sandals Royal Caribbean in Montego Bay Jamaica

The whole nine when it comes to a resort experience. We stayed in the Romeo and Juliet suite, with the butler service. I would have loved to stay in an overwater bungalow, but it was not in our budget.

I booked everything through the Sandals website, including our flights. After we landed, we gave in our PCR test and took our temperatures. We went to a waiting area for sandals only, where we got snacks and a drink. Remember, Sandals are all-inclusive, and no tipping is allowed at the resort. The only people you are "allowed" to tip are the Butlers. However, feel free to tip who you like. Included in our trip was a BMW car service to and from the airport. This was super cool, and we did make sure to tip our driver.


What is the Butler Service at Sandals like?

We had two butlers, a man, and a woman. They were charming. We got a cell phone to contact them with any needs or desires upon arrival. From setting up breakfast in bed, drawing us baths inside or on our balcony, to bringing us coolers of drink at our reserved spot on the beach or at the pool. They were always there for us. We went over our schedule of where we would like to eat every day, and they made sure to get us reservations.

I cannot lie; it was initially pretty strange for us because we didn't want to ask someone to do things that we could do. However, this is their job. We didn't want to abuse it like we heard other people doing. We tried to be as low maintenance as possible. We only utilized these fantastic people for what they called and asked us to have them do. They booked us fantastic spa and dinner reservations.



Their All-inclusive includes multiple daily dives. This included all of our gear rentals and everything which was amazing. We took advantage of this every day we could so that it didn't interfere with our flights. One of the main things we wanted to do in Jamaica was to see the marine life and experience diving there; when you add up how much diving costs at other places on the island and hotel/ flights, it made Sandals a no-brainer.



This resort was immaculate, as they advertised. There was constant upkeep around the grounds.


What did All-Inclusive mean at Sandals?

  • All food

    • Breakfast

    • Lunch

    • Dinner

    • Snacks

  • Premium Liquor

    • Unlimited Wine by Twin Oaks

  • Water activities

    • Snorkeling

    • Scuba Diving

    • Hobbie Cats

    • Paddle Boards

    • Kayaks

    • some resorts have motorized water sports

  • Golf

  • Fitness Center

  • Airport Transfers

It is everything you could ever want that was included in one price. The prices to stay at sandals are not cheap; you will look at almost five figures or more for a week-long vacation. If it is within your budget, however, it is truly a place you must try at least once.



The only real con at this resort was the solicitors. Men on paddleboards would follow you up and down the beach trying to sell you things. They were not subtle about it either. These men would whistle and yell to get your attention and pressure you to buy stuff from them. They aren't allowed on the actual beach itself so you can avoid them. It wasn't enjoyable, especially if you wanted to relax. I understand the need to make a living, but it hinders the peace of a 5-star luxury resort.


Would I go back?

I would stay at a Sandals again when it is within our budget.

Here is their website


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