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Cruise Ships In The Caribbean

Updated: May 26, 2023

Taking cruise ships around the Caribbean is something I thought I would never do. It is not on my list of wants, however, the opportunity arose to join some

people on one, with no cost to me. I couldn't pass up a free chance to experience living in what seemed like a floating apartment building.

Cruise Ships


The Boat

These ships are so massive you can't tell you are out to sea. This thing had water slides, multiple pools, and hot tubs. There was a casino, kids gaming area, childcare, entertainment areas, and many places to shop or get food.

We had a cabin that had a tiny deck which provided us with some private outdoor space. It was nice to have some idea of where you are with the windows. I visited another cabin, which had no windows, and I don't think I would have been able to stand it. There is no feeling of what time of day it is.

Cruise Ships



The off-boat excursions were where it was at. I enjoyed that the ship was bringing us to different locations to experience. If I was flying, I don't think I would have seen as many places in a week. The downside is that you only have a few hours to experience everything you want to do in each location.

We sailed to the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, US virgin islands, a private island, and the British Virgin Islands.

St. Thomas, in US Virgin Islands, was my favorite places to go because we got to snorkel with turtles. It was my first experience being that close to a sea turtle. This experience is what made me want to become a scuba diver and see more marine life.

I felt as though I didn't truly get to explore as much as I would have liked to at each stop. It was more of a lazy experience with lots of food and little to do. I spent more of my time drinking frozen drinks and being in the pool.

There isn't anything to do if you are between 18-21 because you aren't legal to drink on American cruises, even in international waters. You are in this awkward limbo of not being a child but not being considered an adult.

Cruise Ships


Experiencing a storm

On my trip we experienced a storm so severe that the boat had to divert its course. Let me say I was not too fond of of this. When we were being thrown from side to side the pools started overflowing drenching everything. It was not comfortable for me because I grew up sailing on a much smaller boat where I was much more in control of the situation. If there was an emergency, the vast majority would panic and not know what to do, which I did not want any part of.

Cruise Ships


Overall Experience

I think that cruises are for some people, but not me personally. I love to explore and see new things. I like relaxation in quiet spaces with beautiful views. To me, a cruise ship, is loud with a lot of time vegging. There were just so many people around. I felt as though I wouldn't feel comfortable if I had kids because while the boat is contained, it is enormous, and you could lose them. It was hard to find suitable seating. However ff you have the chance to go, I would recommend it, because it may be right up your alley.

Cruise Ships


Here are some cruise lines:

Cruise Ships


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