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Maidstone State Park: A Camping Trip

Updated: May 26, 2023

Maidstone state park is a gorgeous place if you are looking for somewhere to go camping. This gem was made a state park in 1938 and is in the extreme northeast of the state of Vermont. It can be a little bit hard to get to, but once you do, it is secluded and quiet.



Paddle On

We brought our paddle boards with us so we could go on Maidstone Lake. They have gorgeous campsites, some of which have direct access to the lake. Additionally, to make this more fun for ourselves, we brought three cats on this camping trip. That was an adventure in itself. Two of the cats were our kittens, and the other was my dad's cat, who had never been out in a tent before and was 13 years old. He was my childhood cat, and we couldn't leave him behind when we left for the weekend.



Moose On Loose

We took our kitten moose in his life jacket for the first time on the paddleboard, and he loved it. I should let you know, however, that you are not allowed to bring your pet to the day-use area or in the designated swimming areas. However, they were OK with if you were going straight from your campsite into the water on a paddleboard. They also asked that we try to keep our pets from hurting the wildlife, which we did because anytime they were out of our tent, they were on a harness and a leash and would not let them touch any animals.

The campsites are extremely pet friendly to various pets, which is lovely. You can buy firewood from the front office area, and they have a lovely bath house for you.




The primary reason for us going there was to hear the loons. This area gets these beautiful birds that make a gorgeous call, and with the area as quiet as it is, you can hear them calling to one another, and it's amazing.



What To Bring

However, if you need anything, I recommend that you pack ahead of time. The closest town and stores are a decent distance away, so you won't be able to run out and get those hot dog buns you forgot.

Here is our packing list with 3 cats in tow:

  • Cat Stuff

    • Cat Mini Tent

    • Litter

    • Food

    • Harness with leashes

    • Life jackets

    • Toys

  • Cooler

    • Easy food like hot dogs, pre-made potato salad, chips, drinks

  • Tent

    • Rain fly

  • Paddleboards

  • Garbage Bags

  • Air mattress

    • Sheets

    • Pillows

  • Extra clothes and rain jackets


Now, this stuff may seem unnecessary because it is for bare minimal camping. But I am a person who, if I am going camping, would like to be as close to the lamping as possible. These extras make me feel more comfortable in the woods and are getting us to the step below having a camper. So all the stuff fits easily in my small SUV, and that's how we get it all there.

There is a spot for all kinds of campers. They have tent and RV sites and lean-to sites.

Let me know if you visit this gorgeous state park and spend the night!


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