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4 Must-Sees in Scottsdale Arizona

Updated: May 26, 2023

Scottsdale Arizona is a place that is near and dear to my heart and I love so many aspects of this town. I'm going to give you my top 4 must-sees while in Scottsdale Arizona.

Bus going through the desert


1. Old Town

If you are in Scottsdale you must visit Old Town. This is an iconic spot in my childhood and there is so much history and culture in this area that you'll have to go back for more than one day. The shopping is fantastic and you can get some beautiful jewelry from Gem Time. Their pieces are amazing and one of my mother's and my favorite things to do every year when we went was to get a new piece of jewelry from this store. There is also a store where you can get cowboy boots and hats as well as cute leather cowboy/girl outfits. This store is called Tribe America Leathers. It has such beautiful pieces that you should check out in person. There are so many shopping places to explore and you could spend hours wandering the streets.

If you catch yourself needing a sweet pick me up through all the shopping stop in at the Sugar Bowl in the old town. This place is the cutest retro diner for all things sweet. Their prices are extremely affordable and their food is delicious. If you love everything pink this restaurant is the place for you to check out.

There are also a ton of activities and events going on in the town that you can check out by just walking around or looking them up online.



Technically the desert botanical gardens are in Phoenix Arizona but it is extremely close to Scottsdale. These botanical gardens are the most amazing gardens that I have seen in my entire life. As you make your way through the desert look at the beautiful cacti and flowers that grow in this climate. There are so many kids’ stations and activities. You can grind with the mortar and pestle. You can do garden stamps in a book for kids, which is a little tour to excite the kids. There is so much to see, that you should bring your family here. One of my favorite sections of the desert botanical garden is the butterfly pavilion which is just out of this world. They also have many different exhibits throughout the year, so be sure to keep an eye out on their website for what is latest to see.



If you love trains then you will love this park. They have old railroad cars that are set up around the park and you can tour them. All trains have information about them on placks that you can read. There is even a little train you can pay a few dollars to ride. It is super cute and very family-friendly. Best of all the park itself is free! It is a great adventure for children.



Cosanti is the best place if you love art. There is no fee to tour, however, donations are highly encouraged. It helps to preserve the art. The tour is around one hour and is full of beauty. There is also a pouring of bronze you can see if you don't have the time to see the whole tour. I highly recommend checking this place out if you are an art lover.



Let me know if you visit!



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