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A Place To Stay: Georgetown, CO

Updated: May 26, 2023

It's no secret that staying near a resort will be extremely expensive. For this trip, I wanted to make sure that the cost of where we were staying was not extreme. Our ski pass covered the places we were skiing at; the actual cost of the trip lay with where we were staying and where we were eating.

Our original plan was to go to Copper Mountain, Keystone Mountain, and Arapahoe in the middle of our trip. All three of these mountains are relatively close together, so when I was looking for places to stay, I wanted a more centrally located place to the mountains.

Georgetown, CO


I discovered Georgetown, Colorado, and a Wyndham hotel called the Microtel Inn and Suites by Wyndham Georgetown Lake. We stayed there from Saturday through Tuesday, so three nights. The entire stay at this hotel cost us about $500, which was the cheapest I could find throughout hotels and Airbnbs in the surrounding area. I thought it was a relatively reasonable price considering other places cost more than that per night. We got all of the nights included in that one cost.

We got the cheapest room which was a double queen. It had mountain views which were very pretty. The room came with a microwave and minifridge, which helped us keep some of our groceries. A couple of features that this hotel had that I enjoyed was complimentary breakfast. We did not have to pay to have breakfast for three mornings, which helped us cut down on costs. They had a lot of options for different dietary needs here, which I was impressed with because the last Wyndham hotel we stayed at did not.

The hotel also has a pool and a hot tub which are inside. We went to the hot tub twice, and it was relatively pleasant. I was also very impressed with how booked they were because the parking lot was utterly full, and many guests were at the hotel.

Georgetown, CO


The location of this hotel is what made me choose it; it has highway access to the ski resorts and is only about 30 to 40 minutes away from the furthest mountain. This hotel was so easy to get to other places because it was on the highway. It took about two minutes to get onto the highway, and from there, you didn't have to make any turns until you were getting off at the mountain you wanted to go to.

Georgetown, CO


There is a brewery behind this hotel, about a 1 1/2 minute walk. We visited Cabin Creek Brewing our first night and had dinner and some of their renowned beer. The food was pretty good, and so was their beer, so if you choose to stay at this hotel, know there is a place for dinner that you don't have to drive to. The town also has a Dollar General and gas station, and you can get smaller things you may need.

Georgetown, CO


So if you are looking at skiing at Copper Mountain, Keystone Mountain, Arapahoe, or Loveland, I highly recommend you check out this hotel. It is extremely hard to beat the location and the price points for this place.

That is how we saved some money for most of our trip by staying at the Wyndham in Georgetown, Colorado.

Georgetown, CO


Visit Cabin Creek Brewing:

Visit Wyndham Hotel Georgetown: Wyndham Hotel


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