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Margaritas in Mexico

We traveled to Mexico, and it was such a fantastic time for an excellent price. I purchased this trip on Costco Travel, and wow, it was a screaming deal!

All in was around $1,000 for two people. This included our flights, all-inclusive resort, and transportation to and from the airport in Mexico. I don't know if you can understand how insane that is. Around $500 a person for everything, including flights! We stayed for four nights, five days. I booked it to get there early and home late to make the most out of our trip. We also went in hurricane season, which affected us getting a lower rate.


We stayed at Ventus at Marina El Cid Spa & Beach Resort - All-Inclusive. This place was terrific, and it had more food options than initially listed on the website because it is combined with the Marina El Cid resort. This place is massive, with insane pools and adults-only areas.

If you have children, this is the place to travel because they had childcare on the resort for FREE (included with the top tier of all-inclusive, which we had). The kids got to do fun activities and learn Spanish. It looked they were having a ton of fun. They had one higher level of all-inclusive, which included a Butler service, but that wasn't necessary or in the budget for us.

The restaurants needed a reservation for dinner; however, there wasn't any extra cost. The variety of food options was terrific, and I stuck to primarily local cuisine because authentic Mexican food is delicious.


Traveling during the Pandemic

The resort also had covid tests for us, and we were scheduled on arrival to get it for our return home. This resort was meticulously clean. They had sanitizer everywhere, even for your shoes upon entering the restaurants. They checked our temperatures before letting us into the resort. It was an extremely safe environment.

The housekeeping made our room about three times a day. Cleaning and disinfecting, and changing our bedding around. It was a little much, but we appreciated all of their efforts and made sure to leave a nice tip.


Top perks of the resort!

The drinks, hands down, were terrific at this resort. I tried to get every color of drink I could, and they were all top-notch. A little traveler tip is tipping the wait staff and bartenders; gets you faster and higher quality service. Always tip in other countries, unless it is not allowed.


I highly recommend this resort because it gives you the most for your money!


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