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Atlantis, Bahamas

Updated: May 26, 2023

Are you dreaming about visiting one of the most sought-after vacation spots in the world? Atlantis, Bahamas, is one for the books in terms of family fun. I must preface this; the resort is exceptionally pricey. The times that I have been there had always been on a budget.

I have been here two separate times when I was a child, in the 6th grade and as a college student.

Coming to Atlantis in middle school, when I was homeschooled, was a dream. Staying at the resort was not in my family's budget, and we were living on our boat at the time, so it wasn't necessary. We did the same thing as when I came while in college. I was on a cruise which had Nassau as a stop while I was in college, and we could get off for excursions.

Atlantis, Bahamas


The cheapest way to visit Atlantis is to buy day passes to use the waterparks and stay on Nassau Island. It is an extremely short drive across a bridge to the island. This is the best way to maximize your budget and not break the bank to let your family have fun.

Atlantis, Bahamas



The water parks are one of the most defining features of Atlantis.

The lazy river is outstanding and so safe. They have lifeguards posted every few yards on the river. It is a quarter of a mile long and has intricate turns with beautiful scenery. The water in the river is shallow enough for adults and some kids to stand.

The Rapids River ride is over a mile long and has features to get your heart pumping. It features drops that can be 7 feet high and white water rapids. This ride is for you if you want a constant adventure that will take you a while to get through. Just be sure to be wearing sunscreen!

The Leap of Faith is a waterslide which brings you through a massive aquarium full of sharks. This waterslide is insane. There are not many places you can slide through a pool of sharks. It is exhilarating for those who are brave enough to take on the 60ft vertical drop.

There are eight water slides for multiple age groups. Some are tube slides, and others are just your own body. They truly have something for everyone when it comes to fun.

Atlantis, Bahamas

This resort also boasts an impressive 13 pools that mix kid-friendly and adult only options. There are also beaches if the pools don't interest you. For an additional cost, you can rent private cabanas.

The aquarium at Atlantis is unlike anything I have ever seen before. As a child and adult, I found it fascinating. Atlantis offers underwater activities in their aquariums which, if in your budget, is something you should look into.

Atlantis, Bahamas

For adults, there is a casino in the resort. I haven't been there, but this is a solid option if that is something you look for while traveling.

The resort also offers a variety of spa experiences.

Atlantis, Bahamas


The Food

I do not recommend eating at Atlantis. You cannot bring outside food in, which is something they get you on. The food prices are incredibly high, and if you are feeding a group, you can expect to drop $100 on snacks. Of course, if you have children, sometimes buying food is a given to avoid temper tantrums. I won't lie, the frozen deserts look mouthwatering after being in the hot Bahamian sun all day. We always ate off the island because it was cheaper. An excellent grocery store is located right across the bridge with affordable food. Any other accomadation options will have a more budget conscious dining options.

Atlantis, Bahamas


If you would like to learn more about Atlantis day passes, click here:

Atlantis, Bahamas


Also, I wanted to note; that Costco Travel had some excellent deals on staying here, although the food wasn't included.


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