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Ski It if You Can

Mad River Glen is the epitome of what true bliss and paradise are. I grew up skiing/ learned how to ski at this skier-only mountain. When I was younger, the slopes were all-natural snow, making their slogan "Ski it if you can" extremely valid during the spring.


No Snowboarders Allowed

The ban on snowboarders has controversy, but I agree with the mountains' choices. There isn't much grooming down the mountain, allowing it to bask in epicness from moguls.

This magical place has some of the best glades skiing in the east. This is where I fell in love with picking a line through the woods and getting lost because I knew all trails led to the base lodge. My parents would give me a handheld radio and send me on my way. One of the lift attendants would put the bar down for me because I was too small to do it myself. I could spend hours out there.


Single Chair

We can't forget to pay homage to the shining star of the mountain, the single chair. You heard that right; MRG has a single chair. While other mountains are bussing people up on six and eight-person lifts, MRG has stayed true to their originality and kept the single chair. An excellent bonus is that the chair helps with the number of people on the slopes at one time.


Let's Eat

To this day, I love stopping at the lodge for lunch and picking up a chili dog with fries, my personal go-to. Their pricing is the best around as well. If you want to get comfy, head into the bar and sit by the fireplace. They also always have brownies; which was a staple in my childhood.


Growing Up at MRG

Callies Corner was where I thrived as a two-year-old. I was brought to the lodge on a sled to help get the food for the rest of the kids, and I got private skiing lessons from the legend himself, Craig B. He taghut me so many valuable skiing skills that I remembered as I grew up and became a ski instructor myself. The key to it all was having fun and enjoying the mountain.

Easter at the mountain was always a fun time. We used to dress up in homemade costumes and have a parade. The best costume would win a giant chocolate bunny. There was also an Easter egg hunt on the mountain, and we would have to ski around in costume, trying to find these eggs hidden on the slipes. It was the best experience ever. Yes, that is me being E.T.

Whether you have children or are an expert skier, this mountain is for you if you love groomers and a lack of adventure; this isn't the place for you.


I I iMad River Glen is a community and family unlike I have seen at other ski mountains. The magic there is genuinely untouched, and I hope it doesn't


Let me know if you have skied here!

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