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Sugarbush Resort

Updated: May 26, 2023

Sugarbush Resort has been my home mountain for eight to nine years. Not only was I skiing here full-time while in college and on breaks I also ended up working for the mountain for about 5 to 6 years in the winter and the summer. I feel as though I have some pretty good insight into what mountain is all about, from guest life to work life.

Fall Vermont colors


Winter Activities

Winter at the mountain is my favorite time of year because there is actually a lot to do. It is in my top 3 places for an east coast mountain.

Skis stuck in the snow



Ski season is fun because the mountain does its best to open at Thanksgiving and will usually try to go until the first week of May. While the terrain is not 100% open at this time, it still gives you the excitement of being able to ski far past what you thought the ski season would be. The mountain has an amazing array of terrain for different kinds of skiers. However, if you are an extremely new beginner, the beginner terrain can be a little bit intimidating for you.

My favorite area of the mountain has always been Castle Rock. This is because this mountain area is most like Mad River Glen to me because they do not make snow. It is extremely advanced terrain for you to ski on. They have posted experts only, which means you are not skiing with intermediate skiers when you go up there, at least at Sugarbush. Everyone around you will be a very good skier.

Recently the mountain has partnered with the IKON pass, which has brought in a ton of revenue and new people skiing at the mountain. This can lead to long lines and almost impossible parking. As an employee, we were often told not to park in the employee parking lot because they were expecting a mass amount of people to show up, so we would have to park elsewhere and get shuttled from the town that is down the mountain. I think the mountain could use an upgrade on their chairlifts to upgrade their uphill capacity because only having quads at the bottom leads to some seriously long lines.

If you are skiing, I would highly recommend going mid-week and non-holiday. This past season, I saw the parking lot filling even during those times; however, it was much worse on the weekends and holidays. There almost wasn't even a point in going during those times.




There are a few dining options on the mountain and a few in the Sugarbush village. The main one is the gatehouse lodge. This is where you go for food if you are mid-day skiing. Another option is the Castlerock pub which has a pretty good bar. The more formal food is at Rumbles Kitchen. All of these options are very close together on the mountain.

Resort Food



There are a few activities to do in the summer at Sugarbush resort. They have events all summer long that you can come to, like Brewfest's. They are also known for having a lot of weddings during the summer because it is a very beautiful place.

Relaxing at the pool


Mountain Biking

There is one chair lift on the mountain that offers mountain biking. This is the super bravo chair that brings you up to about mid-mountain. There are many mountain biking trails that you can explore for various levels. It is quite a sight to see if you've never seen bikes being loaded onto a chairlift.

Mountain Biking



If you are interested in doing some free activities at the mountain, you are more than welcome to hike. There are many beautiful hikes on the trails and throughout the woods where you can discover some pretty unique things. There are areas of teepees you can explore and beautiful rivers.



Kids Summer Camps

If you have kids and want to get them outside for a little while, then the kid's summer camp is for you. Your kid will get to explore the mountain, take rides on the chairlift, and go swimming. There are camps for 4 to 6-year-olds as well as 7 to 12-year-olds. Every day will consist of something a little bit different. The kids will get to learn how to go mountain biking, learn some animals, go zip lining and go on the euro-bungee. If it's raining, the kids will get to go indoor rock climbing, and it's all-around a great time for them.

Summer Camps



The main area for dining in the summer is the rumbles kitchen. Their summer menu is honestly amazing, and if you get the chance to have dinner here, you should.




Last but not least, we have the SHARC. This acronym stands for the Sugarbush and recreation club. There are many things to do here for all ages, especially adults. If you want to work out, there is a gym with weights, and there are classes you can join. They have a spin cycle room. There is an indoor and outdoor pool/hot tub. There are indoor and outdoor tennis courts, and the indoor tennis room is sometimes turned into a kid paradise. There are bounce houses and toys galore for children to run their energy out. This is also where they have an indoor rock climbing wall and racquetball. If this wasn't getting you to love this place enough, there is also a steam room and saunas. And if you need just a bit more relaxation time, they offer massages as well.

Indoor Rock Climbing


All in all, Sugarbush Resort has been my home mountain for years. I truly believe that if you get the chance to experience this mountain in all seasons, you definitely should. There is something to do for everyone throughout the year. It is a very good resort. Let me know if you visit!

Lake life


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