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Top 12 Things In My Ski Bag

There are many items you need to have on you even to hit the slopes when it comes to skiing.

I have found that owning a ski bag helps keep me organized, but every person has their personal preference.

I have two ski bags, one for ski equipment and one for my snowboarding equipment. Both bags I use are from Transpack.

Spring Time is the best time to purchase ski gear if you don't have it already or need new stuff. Companys are having sales because the season is over. They are also trying to get rid of last season's inventory to make room for next season's designs. So get shopping!


Ski Bag Must-Haves

The side pockets are perfect for ski boots. I love that it has a tiny hole at the bottom to keep your boots vented. Remember to buckle your shoes when storing them to hold their shape better.

My ski boots are Nordica Rear Entry Boots. However, make sure you go to a ski shop and find the proper boots for you! There are so many, and I have had boots from Technica and Head.

2. Helmet

It is so essential to wear a helmet when skiing or riding. It isn't "cool" to not wear one. Protect your head from anything because things happen even if you don't fall. I prefer to have maximum protection because I have had concussions before.

Smith has come out with helmets with MIPS, extra protection against head trauma. Many brands have similar options, and it all depends on your price point.

Google is super important because it lets you see way better when going quickly down the mountain or need protection when skiing in trees. Not all goggles are equal; I prefer those with different lenses.

The Smith Goggles have three lenses, but your googles will come with two. I have the cloudy day and partial sun lenses because you rarely need full sun lenses skiing on the east coast. The options are up to you with where you are skiing/ riding.

I keep like 8 in my bag that are all different types; my new favorite is this over helmet one from North Face. There are so many different kinds that you need to find your preference. I like to have options, especially in the spring when you don't know what the temperatures will feel like or if it rains and yours gets wet.

I keep my snow pants in my bag to don't lose them. Additionally, the snow pants are next when I am done for the day after taking off my boots. I'm not particularly eager to wear them around town.

My snow pants are from The North Face. I like the color options they have. I used to work at a resort and always had black snow pants, so finally, I got some color in my ski attire.

I always carry extra layers in my bag just in case. I prefer not to be freezing or leave early, so I always keep extras in my bag.

I use The North Face Summit Series for thermals.

7. Extra Thermal Bottom The North Face Summit Series Bottoms.

This may seem weird, but if you have sweaty toes or toes that get cold and hot as I do, you should keep extra socks in your bag. I change my socks at lunch if I need to, and I like the option. Comfort is critical for me skiing.

Darn Tough Socks are my go-to.

I keep these in the side pockets of my bag, just in case.

I need to invest in heated socks, but my budget is Toe Warmers for now.

I stand by my dermaonte. It is a cream you put on your face to prevent getting wind-chapped or frostbite. Highly worth having in your bag or snow pants.

12. Ski Wax

Lastly, I keep wax in my bag. Sometimes, when the snow changes and you can't move, it can come in handy. This is especially helpful if the shop has no space or you do it yourself; you don't have to end early and go home.


Snowboard Bag

All I keep in my snowboard bag are my boots. I usually have both loads with me if I want to do one or the other or switch half-day.


Let me know what is in your Ski/Ride bag!


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