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Money & Travel

Traveling doesn't have to break the bank

Say it with me TRAVELING DOES NOT HAVE TO BREAK YOUR BANK ACCOUNT! Now that we have shouted that from the rooftops, I have some tips for traveling and not spending an arm and a leg.

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Make a Plan


When it comes to traveling, the first thing you need to do is set your budget. 

How much money do you have for the entire trip? 

This will guide you towards spending your money and where you can go with your funds. If it isn't driving distance from you, you will need to take a flight; so be sure to set a realistic budget that will not make you broke.

Some are Better than Others

Travel Credit Cards

Travel credit cards are cards that give you more points for travel. This can be air-miles or booking directly through their site. It is beneficial because you can maximize your return for purchases on your trip. Some cards don't have a foreign transaction fee, making them easier to use in other countries. This will help you not exchange money or worry about unnecessary extra fees. You can use points from your Credit cards to help you with flights and hotels. This will also maximize the budget you have for traveling.

Membership Required; But Worth It

Costco Travel

Have you heard of Costco Travel? It is a section of Costco that has terrific discounts on traveling, literally everywhere. The booking can be anything your heart desires, and you can select the price range. They can include your flight and hotel and transportation at one cost. We had a fantastic experience using it to travel to Mexico. It is a site to check if you or a family member has a membership.

Yes, it is Cheaper


The time of year you choose to travel does impact the pricing of your trip. It would be best to research the peak or off-peak seasons for the place you are looking to travel to. When you are planning to go, if it is peak, you should reconsider if it is not in your budget. The prices go up for peak season because that is when most people are looking to travel or have a vacation holiday. If you would like to save some money, look into booking a trip in advance in the off-season.

Is it worth it?


I have stayed at various all-inclusive resorts, and the term has had a different meaning at all of them. At some resorts, there are different levels of this. You can pay to have all your food included, but alcoholic beverages are extra. Some of you spend a little more, and all drinks are included. Then you have places like Sandals Resort, where everything except off-resort activities is included. This means kayaking, scuba diving, etc. However, you are paying a premium for that. It all depends on your budget and what your personal preferences are. There is something for everyone.


Extra Activities

It is a good idea to decide ahead of time some activities you would like to do in the area to budget accordingly. Sometimes I have noticed it is cheaper to book these excursions in advance instead of at the resort in person. It can also be more affordable to book directly with the vendor. It is also cheaper during the off-season to do many of these activities.

Group Hike

Traveling with A Group

It is way more budget-conscious to travel with a group. You can all stay in the same place and split the costs. While you will have to pay for your way there, lodging will be cheaper unless you are chipping in for gas. So gather some friends and book a trip!

"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?"

Vincent van Gogh

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