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Traveling with an Allergy

Travel Tips for Allergy Friendly Exploration

If you have an allergy, you know how scary it can be to leave your home base and try new things. Whether it has been an experience that has made you feel this way or a new allergy you are trying to navigate, let me share some tips to improve my traveling experience.

Image by Brooke Lark

The Basics

Know your Allergy

You need to know your allergy inside and out. You cannot assume that where you are traveling will understand your allergy, even if it is within your home country. I am allergic to dairy, which is commonly confused for being allergic to items such as eggs. Not everyone will understand, so you need to make sure you know enough to explain it.

Image by Annie Spratt

Know where you are going

What City, What Country?

Easy Right?

Traveling in Your Home Country

While traveling in your home country presents some ease, there can be challenges with your allergy? Let's be prepared for anything so that you can make the best of your vacation. The ease of being in your home country is that you know the language, making communication much more manageable. I have learned that when I am at a restaurant, to make it clear from the start what my allergy is and what it includes. There is nothing wrong with speaking up about what you are allergic to and asking if the food you are ordering contains it. If you are bringing your food, always check the labels. You don't want to have an allergic reaction on vacation.

Don't Panic, you've got this!

Traveling to Other Countries

Okay, so you're leaving the country, seeing some new things, and having the adventure of a lifetime. How do you go about eating safely in other countries? My biggest tip is to learn how to say or screenshot how it's written a phrase like "I am allergic to ___" or "___ Allergy."

Image by Max Delsid
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