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Ikon Pass Value

The ikon pass for Altera mountain resorts is a game-changer for exploring new places. While my age bracket doesn't get me a discount with full access, I think it is worth ever-changing ticket prices.


Make the most of your Pass

  • Visit other mountains around your home mountain

    • Some of these may be within driving distance from you

  • Use the food discount at resorts; you have unlimited days to

    • I found out the hard was this discount doesn't work at resorts where you get 7 out of 7 or 5 out of 5 days to

    • At participating resorts, the value on food is 15%

  • Check their discounts on lodging for where you would like to visit next

    • If your want to have the ski on and off experience at a deal, use your ikon pass at the resort you are heading to

*I have found that Airbnb's in the areas are still cheaper than the hotels even after the discounts

  • Friends and family tickets

    • you get discounted vouchers to use with family/ friends to help alleviate the cost of the overpriced tickets

    • these are 25% off vouchers

*Travelers note that the vouchers can only be used on total price window prices for the day off. If you book online in advance and online multi-day tickets, the costs will be much cheaper.


Check Them Out

The Ikon pass is no longer on sale for this season but you can find more information and purchase it early at


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